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I wish I could explain it

I reach for the shadows,
fingers stretched towards the darkness
Desiring to draw it around me tightly and disappear into its embrace.
I want to fade away,
to allow this weariness to overtake me
and forget about everything else around me.

I get up, get dressed, and endeavor to simply push through this fog. I’m not strong enough to hide it away this time but I can’t explain exactly what I feel either. I’m not depressed, not really, but I rest on the border of “done”. I’ve walked in depression’s valleys before and this is different somehow.

I wish I could explain exactly how I am feeling right now but the right words escape me. Right now, it would just sound like I’m fighting a cold or allergies. Maybe you’d say I didn’t sleep well. Though all those may be true, trust me, what I feel is more than just that.

If I can understand what my body is telling me then I’ll explain. I’ll tell you what I need as I realize it. Until then, just be there for me. I’m sure it’s hard for you feeling so helpless. Just please remember one thing, I didn’t choose to feel this way but I’m choosing to never give up.

Lost again, stupid directions

Can you help me? I think I’m lost again. Okay, correct that, I am lost.

I tried to listen to the directions you gave.  Don’t you remember how i repeated each step to you perfectly? (As i promptly forgot the step before the one i was now speaking)

The map you made for me was great.  Every important street labeled and key buildings marked.  You told me how simple this map would make my trip.  But I find it hard to read a map when I’m driving and is this intersection even on your map?  

When I eventually get home,.please don’t focus on the fact that I got lost. I know you would have been made it back hours ago.  Not sure how that helps though but next time i have to travel you can drive.

I’m going to go to my room and find the sanctuary i need.  If you need me, leave a message.  I’ve had enough interaction with people; especially those behind a wheel.

Are you trying to give me directions again?  You’ve already lost me. I’m truly I for but I’m supposed to make a left, or is it a right at the intersection?  Oh, wait, I have a gps?! Okay, just give me the address and I’ll get there soon.