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In the quiet stillness

My ears strain to hear the voice no earthly tongue can speak. In the stillness, perhaps I’ll hear an echo.

Of those words of power,
which made something from nothing words that brought life from death, words that could wash away all in a wave of unfathomable force.

I want to hear the voice that knows no single tongue.

Teach me the ancient words long forgotten, from which life springs forth.

I sit here listening for the song that no ear can hear, yet the power it holds could raise the dead.

I sit here waiting for the only voice that truly matters. The voice of the one who knows me completely and accepts me for who I am.

I gave up my right to complain about politics

I wanted to leave “about politics” off the title but as I have to deal with rush hour traffic later, I still want to be able to complain (even if I shouldy).

Today in the U.S. we have our midterm elections. There is a push on both sides to get like minded folks to the polls to oust the “corrupt, greedy, etc” opposition party out of power. Getting out to vote has always been important to me and that hasn’t changed. However, this election I will not be voting. I wanted to, but to do so would require a rushed trip home, waiting in line, then rushing to church and finally driving home, exhausted. I would have done my Civic duty but for what end? There is no guarantee that the candidate I’d vote for would win or that they would stay true to their word. I could complain about how they didn’t meet my expectations but again what good does that do?

Last election, I did not like either candidate and the decision I made was not an easy one. However, I had made a decision to hand this mess we call politics over to the God I serve. If Trump won, he was still God. If Clinton won, you guessed it, still God. There was and continues to be freedom because of that. I’m not bound to vote along party lines and fret if my people don’t win. No matter who wins, I’ll do my best to pray for them.

I hope to vote in the next election. It’s a privilege which I wish to partake of. Regardless of what happens then, my highest loyalty is to God. If I’m not praying for those who were elected then it doesn’t matter if I voted for them or not.