You can take it

You can take it; I know that as I sit here with my emotions and thoughts in turmoil.

You can take it, I know it as I scream out my frustration at all that has happened. As I unleash all this pent up fury at all that I can’t control and comprehend.

Every thought, every word, each unleashed wave of energy dispels upon contact with you. Each spell cast is a blend of unanswered questions and bitter friends. Yet, I know you can take it.

Then there is quiet, save for my breathing and I watch the smoke get carried off by the wind. You are there, untouched and unchanged.

I have no more tears to cry right now as my breathing slowly finds its proper rythm. The last of the energy crackles at my fingertips. I rise, these final words on my lips,

“Thank you. For I know you can take it.”