Responding in Grace

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve started “this post” in response to what has been occurring in our society recently.

I’ve wrestled with three questions. First, am I just reacting to what is being shared? Second, what is my motive for responding? Last, can I write with attitude of humility and grace? All these questions must have a response that aligns with how I’ve come to understand scripture.

Too often, I’ve started to respond only to realize I want to put someone in their place. I want them to not only see that they were wrong but to apologize to me as well. Sometimes, I catch myself and sometimes i have to dig myself out of a fresh hole.

I stayed silent during the election for the most part because i knew if I responded, that my response would be confrontational, include plenty of “truth”, but be devoid of grace and the love of Christ.

I end this post with a few questions: what is the purpose of your post? Why did you share that article? Was it to get others to think or to just think like you? Finally, if they disagree with your opinion/truth, how do you respond?

I am thankful to live in this country, even with all its flaws. I’m even more thankful that there is a God and he is ultimately in control.